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Let's face it, You are here because you want to spice up you sex life! You and your partner want to bring some adventure into you love life and are looking for some sex role playing ideas and games.

You might think that sex role playing is a little strange and maybe you think you're not "into that", but be aware that sexual role playing is definitely worth trying. Why? Because the 'acting' of a role will allow you to completely open your mind and experience sex and orgasm in such a way that you would have never imagined!

Maybe you've even tried a bit of role playing already or maybe you've purchased this naughty outfit, but now you don't really now what to do with it.

Here's the problem:


It's hard to come up with a fun and exciting scenario!

Sex Role PlayIf you've ever tried some erotic role playing yourself, then you know it's hard to think of a proper scenario, it's hard to get into character and it's even harder to get your partner to play along. It doesn't matter if you've just met, are newlyweds or have been together for ages; it just get's difficult if you have to let your imagination take over and get you into character for some sex role play.


101 Sexy scenarios ready to be played!

Erotic Role PlayTo help you turn sex role playing into an amazing experience, we have created 101 ready to play scenarios and games. However, sex role play is only fun IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR PARTNERS ROLE!
That's why we have created not one, but two eBooks with scenarios. One book for her and one book for him!

These scenarios are guaranteed to improve your sex life and prolonge your marriage or relationship. And best of all: You can start playing immediately! Most of these erotic scenarios require no preparation at all. If you like to take things further, you can play some of the more advanced scenarios, which require a little preparation and sometimes make use of costumes, dice, a chess board, a camera, etc.


Here's a sample of the sexy games you'll find in these books:
  • Spice up your sex lifeGoing to the cinema was never that exciting
  • Did your neighbor just ask you to repaire her computer?
  • Cops and Robbers guaranteed to climax
  • An estate agent leads to lovemaking in new places
  • Blindfolded lovemaking is sooo erotic!





But don't listen to us, here's what the people that have bought the books wrote us:


"I downloaded the Scenario Books rather hesitantly since my girlfriend really doesn't like things that are way beyond our typical lovemaking but she was absolutely thrilled when I suggested one of the scenarios. I really can't wait to play them all."




"I LOVED the 'love is blind' scenario and I've had a permanent grin on my face since we played it. I'm going to try all the scenarios from your books"


Martine T. - PARIS, FRANCE


"I have to thank you for the chapter 'The Movie Critic' I knew my boyfriend wanted to watch porn, I just couldn't get myself to! After reading your book, I followed your scenario and found a different way to look at these movies. Now I feel like our relationship has completely jumped to another level!"


Catherine J. - LAS VEGAS, NV, USA



Always have a scenario ready to play!
    Sex role play will:
  • Improve your relationship with your partner
  • Let you make love more often
  • Enrich your sex life with whole new experiences


Sex Role Play eBooks

Turn good sex into GREAT sex!

By role playing in the bedroom you will turn fantasies into reality and get to know your partner better. It will help you take that feeling of freedom and abandon your daily lives.
Spice it up and allow yourself to be whomever you want!



So, how much for these incredible scenario eBooks?

How much is a rich and fantastic sex life worth to you? Sexy role playing games which enrich your relationship with your partner and are guaranteed to take your lovemaking to a whole new level. How much is that worth to you?

The total price for 101 Sex Role Playing Scenarios is only $24.95! So for less than twenty five bucks, you could have over one hundred sexy scenarios and games to spice up your love life for years!

So by ordering now, you'll get TWO complete eBooks (one book for her and one book for him) with a total of 101 different sex role playing scenarios and games.


100% Risk free guarantee!


The two Spicyroleplay eBooks come with a unique risk free guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that these two books are not worth a measly 24 bucks, we'll send you a full refund. Just email us within 10 days from purchase and we'll buy the books back from you for the full price. It doesn't get any better. You spice up your love life or your money back; guaranteed!


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